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Tonga's finance minister denies he has been sacked by PM Featured

Tongan's Finance Minister Pohiva Tu'ionetoa Tongan's Finance Minister Pohiva Tu'ionetoa

10 February, 2018. Tonga's Finance Minister says talk that he has been fired by prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva is a malicious rumour spread by opposition bloggers.

Pohiva Tu'ionetoa has been in Australia on medical leave for over three weeks and is not expected to return to Tonga until at least the end of the month.

Reports have been circulating around the kingdom and over the internet that Mr Tu'ionetoa had been dismissed for health reasons.

Mr Pohiva has denied the reports and Mr Tu'ionetoa has attributed them to what he calls "opposition forces".

"Those people that are from the opposition to the government, perhaps want to make a story that could cause some concern to the Democracy Party. The truth of the matter is that there is no such decision from the Prime Minister."

Pohiva Tu'ionetoa said he continued to have the support of the prime minister and vice versa.

He also reassured the public that he would be able to carry out his duties as finance minister, despite not having been in the country since the cabinet was formed.

During his last term as Prime Minister, 'Akilisi Pohiva went through three finance ministers, sacking the two previous post holders before Mr Tu'ionetoa.



  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson Tuesday, 13 February 2018 00:33 Comment Link

    He'ikai toe sai ena ia he koe pa'anga 'ae kakai masiva 'oku totongi'aki e faito'o. Feinga mai koe ki Vaiola pea lotu ke Lahi, tuku moe loi, tafoki ki he 'Otua mo'ui kae tuku e tauhi 'aitoli-akili. Na'e 'ikai ke ke si'i 'ilo hono fika'i 'e mini polisi ke si'i tuku koe ki tu'a. I'ts time you wake up. Redeem your sins and go back to God. Your little mini-god is a dying man, only a matter of time.

  • Sione A Mokofisi
    Sione A Mokofisi Saturday, 10 February 2018 17:17 Comment Link

    FINANCE MIN. TU'I'ONETOA deserves to be treated until he is healthy to go back to work. However, it seems PTOA MPs like PM Pohiva and Uliti Uata seem to take too much advantage of the country's tax money by bringing their poor "existing" healthy ills as a burden to the country. Meanwhile, poor people are dying at Tongan hospitals without the special care MPs are privileged to.
    Mandatory health insurance should be required of all Parliament candidates before they are allowed to run for office. Otherwise, they should be limited to the socialized medicine health care the rest of the people of Tonga are receiving.

  • Inoke
    Inoke Saturday, 10 February 2018 12:49 Comment Link

    Faito’o ai leva koe keke sai aki e paanga a e fonua ka ke toki retire ee. Mo feauhi folau fakafaito’o pe moua moe Palemia he ku tuumalie pe hotau fonua otautolu e.


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