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Tongan PM encouraged to unite parliament Featured

Professor Malakai Koloamatangi Professor Malakai Koloamatangi

20 December, 2017. A New Zealand based Tongan academic says the new Pohiva administration will need to be more collegial if it wants to be successful.

'Akilisi Pohiva was re-elected Prime Minister on Monday, defeating his former deputy Siaosi Sovaleni by 14 votes to 12 in parliament.

The vote followed on from a comprehensive November election victory when his Democratic Party won 14 of the 17 general seats.

Massey University Pasifika Centre director Malakai Koloamatangi says Mr Pohiva now has a chance to unite the country after the August dissolution of parliament which was sparked by concerns that the government was acting unconstitutionally and trying remove some of the King's authority.

Dr Koloamatangi said Mr Pohiva will gain credibility with people outside of his support base if he manages to work with non-party members.

"You need actually a whole of government approach to things like the economy, climate change, good management, good governance and so on and so forth.

You can't do that with a slim majority so you need to do that and I think if he did do that it would certainly add to his mana," said Dr Malakai Koloamatangi.

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  • Aisea Matiu
    Aisea Matiu Wednesday, 20 December 2017 13:41 Comment Link

    'Oku lava ke lau 'oku ua pe 'a e Fale he Falealea 'o Tonga 'a ia ko e Fale 'o e Nopele mo e Fale 'o e Kakai ka e hange 'eni ia 'oku fa 'a e Fale 'o kau mai 'eni tokua 'a e Fale 'o e Temokalati mo e Fale 'o e Tau'ataina lolotonga ko e kau fakafofonga kotoa kinautolu 'o e kakai 'oku taumu'a ke nnau ngaue fakataha mo e Fale 'o e Nopele honau kehekehe ma'ae lelei fakakotoa 'a e fonua mo e kakai.

    'Oku taku 'a e Fale 'o e Temokalati ko e Paati Temokalati ka e to e taku nai 'a e Fale 'o e Nopele mo e Fale 'o e Tau'ataina ko e Paati Nopele mo e Paati Tau'ataina (mo kau ai 'a e Paati Langafonua Tu'uloa mo e Paati Langafonua 'a e Masiva)? Koe ha nai 'a e lau pau mo mahino 'a e konisitutone mo e lao ki he politiki fakapaati (party politics) pe sisitemi fakapaati (party system) 'o kehe ia mei he ua pe 'a e Fale ko e Fale 'o e Nopele mo e Fale 'o e Kakai?

    'Oku fakatu'utamaki lahi 'a e fa'ahinga fakakaukau ko 'eni he 'oku hange ko e temokalati pe 'a e Fale 'o e Temokalati ka e tikitato 'a e Fale 'o e Nopele, Fale 'o e Kakai mo e Fale 'o e Tau'ataina 'o hange ko hano lau ko e temokalati pe 'a e Fale 'o e Labour mo e Fale 'o e Democrat ka e tikitato 'a e Fale 'o e National mo e Fale 'o e Republican 'a Nu'usila mo 'Amelika.

    'Oku 'ikai nai ke temokalati fakatouloua pe 'a e Fale 'o e Nopele mo e Fale 'o e Kakai 'o hange tofu ko e temokalati 'a e Paati National mo e Paati Labour 'a Nu'usila mo e Paati Republican mo e Paati Democrat 'a 'Amelika 'a ia 'oku nau kehekehe pe he founga fakatemokalati he founga pule mo e taki 'oku lelei ma'ae fakakotoa 'o e fonua mo e kakai?

    'Oku malava pe ke lelei pe kovi 'a e pule mo e taki 'a ha pule'anga 'a ha fonua 'o hoko ko e temokalati pe tikitato 'o hange ko e 'uhinga tefito hono veteki 'a e Falealea 'o Tonga ko e pule kovi mo e taki kovi 'a e Pule'anga ko 'ene ta'efakakonisitutone mo ta'efakalao 'ene angafai na'e taku ko e Pule'anga Faka-Temokalati 'o e Paati Temokalati na'e pule mo taki 'e 'Akilisi Pohiva ko e palemia mo 'ene kau minisita.temokalati

    'Oku 'ikai nai 'uhinga 'a e lea "collegial" ki he ngaue fakataha kotoa 'a e ongo Fale 'o e Nopele mo e Fale 'o e Kakai fakatouloua honau malohinga kehekehe takitaha he laumalie 'o e temokalati he funga 'o e pule lelei mo e taki lelei 'oku tefito he tauhilao mo e lao ma'ae lelei fakalukufua 'a e kotoa 'o Tonga mo hono kakai?


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