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Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua begs government to reconsider its decision Featured

Tonga Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua Tonga Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua

8 June, 2017. Tonga Flag bearer Pita Tufatofua has joined other world known athletes of Tonga decendents in begging the government of Tonga to reconsider ist decision over the hosting of Pacific Games 2019.

In a letter to Hon. Prime Minister 'Akilsi Pohiva and members of Parliament Tufatofua emphasizes the importance of the Pacific Games in all aspects to Tonga and the future of it's youth.

June 2017

Pita Taufatofua 
Athlete with
Tonga Taekwondo
Royal Tonga ski team

Dear Hon ʻAkilisi Pōhiva and members of Parliament

I write this letter to humbly ask that you reconsider your decision with regards to Tonga hosting the South Pacific games. I seek that we all work together as passionate Tongans to find a solution that allows us to do this in a cost
effective and sustainable way that minimizes debt but provides a catalyst for positive change.

The SPG is the most important sporting event in the Pacific and it is where I had my first international competition. The atmosphere and feeling of being part of the national Tongan team filled me with pride and it was this that
helped carry me through into the Olympic Games. It was this that helped shape my decision to represent Tonga and not Australia in the Olympics. The positive effect sport has is very often undervalued and too often we look
just at the monetary figures. We look at cost and not hope, we look at numbers and neglect the thoughts and dreams of our youth. I campaign on behalf of these unquantifiable values that I believe actually have the greatest of value.

The SPG has the potential to greatly boost national pride and help fix social and health related issues. The large inter school rivalry and fighting can be fixed by sport and by us all uniting for a common purpose to together put
Tonga on the map. To be leaders not followers. Instead of schools fighting each other we now have a new avenue to redirect the energy of the youth so that that sense of competition and school pride can be refocused into a safe
sporting environment and into an international arena. The SPG gives Tongan youth the catalyst to be on every podium around the world in not only the sporting but also the academic and arts arena, the lessons learnt and
inspiration gained from sport is a transferable quality.

The SPG provides an avenue to highlight and redirect negative health practices within our people. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity are destroying Tongan lives. A focus on healthy sports based living and eating can
cure these problems. The SPG I believe provides this catalyst for change and investment in sport and health based infrastructure.

Historically Tongans have always been well respected around the Pacific and the world. We are known for sailing vast distances in search of conquering new lands. When we said we will sail to Fiji to help the Tui Fiji, we did. When
we said we will support our allies, we did. I believe our very essence as Tongans is now on show to the World, and I sincerely believe that history will remember us and yourselves Honorable Prime Minister as the leaders who
despite challenging odds found a way to show to the world that as Tongans we will honor our promise of hosting the games and we will find a way.

I spoke to a security guard here in Tonga who was very upset as he wanted to buy tickets to take his kids to see the games and cheer for Tongan athletes. He mentioned that on his security guard wage it would be impossible to do
this overseas. He said that it may be another 40 years before Tonga has this chance again. He wanted to bond with his kids over something that was ingrained within all Tongans, sport and competition. He wanted to share
special moments with his kids, he wanted to laugh and cheer and support and in doing so teach his kids the power of Dreams.

The challenges are real and we may not be able to have the World's best facilities but that is ok, our Pacific neighbors will understand. What we do have to offer is the friendliness and heart of the Tongan people and I believe that is
what we should be focused upon, we are the Friendly Islands let's come together and sell that as the major SPG selling point. If the ancient Greeks can do it with sticks and stones to create the Olympics then we too can do it. Let's
not focus on what we don't have but on what we do have. Let's put our differences aside and work together, we all share the same heart.

In conclusion I ask that we honour our forefathers and teach our kids that together we can overcome the challenges that divide us and create a South Pacific Games so full of spirit, love and healthy competition that for
generations to come they remember Tonga as the country that came together despite the odds to once again sail into the world in unity as one Tonga.


Pita Taufatofua

The Tongan Flag Bearer


  • Fihaki
    Fihaki Saturday, 10 June 2017 07:43 Comment Link

    Pitalolo sii malo hoo feinga mai.
    Koe press conference aneafi (09/06/17) kou mahinoi ai e uhinga e 3 hono tuku e Sipoti;
    1. Lao ne fakapaasi he 2013 ne kofukofui eia e Komiti Organising heikai tenau liable kiha alea e palopalema ka nae fai i he good faith hange koene tuu he Kupu 25.
    2. Vahenga oe kau Komiti Organising oku fuu maolunga ka koenau mandate ke manage e paanga ku feingai mai eha kakai kehe kihe Sipoti ikai koha kumi mai ha paanga ke fai aki e Sipoti.
    3. Ikai mau mai e paanga ne teu ke omai mei PNG.
    Pea kuo taimi leva ke THE END e faiva moe fakatuta.

  • Aisea Matiu
    Aisea Matiu Friday, 09 June 2017 13:17 Comment Link

    Malo mu'a Mark hono toutou 'ohake 'a e polopalema 'o e "taliui" hono fa'a 'ohake 'e 'Akilisi mo hono kau muimui kuikui he fili falealea 'oku taki ai 'ene kau kapineti mo hono kau muimui ta'e'atamai.

    'O kapau ko e "taliui" ki he kakai ko e tali kotoa 'a e fiema'u mo e loto 'o e kakai pea ko e loto 'eni 'o e kakai ke fai 'a e sipoti mo e 'akapulu 'o taki ai 'a e kau tu'ukimu'a he sipoti mo e 'akapulu moe fonua pea ko e ha leva hono to e ta'etali ke fai 'a e sipoti mo e 'akapulu 'o mahino lelei mai ta ko hono mo'oni ko e poto pe hono lau 'a e taliui ka e 'ikai 'ikai ke fai fai pau ki ai mo to e vale hono fai?

    Ko e tefito'i polopalema heni ko hono 'ave 'a e 'uhinga fakatekinikale 'o e "taliui" 'o tupu ai 'ene fepakipaki ka e 'ikai ko hono 'uhinga fakalao 'o fakatatau ki ai 'a e "taliui" 'o tali pe 'a e ngaahi me'a 'oku fakalao pea ta'etali leva 'a e ngaahi me'a 'oku ta'efakalao.

    'Oku ne taukave 'a e "taliui" hono 'uhinga fakatekinikale 'o toitoi mai ai ka ke fai pe 'e ia hono loto mo e me'a 'oku loto ki ai ka e 'ikai fai mo tali 'a e fiema'u mo e loto 'o e kakai 'oku ne taukave mo 'ene kapineti ka e 'ikai fai ha meme'i me'a 'e taha.

  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson Friday, 09 June 2017 00:45 Comment Link

    Koe palemia siokita mo loto taufehi'a, pea vale lahi fau e taki. Ko hono malohinga pe koe fakaanga moe fakamoveuveu, pea lahi taha e me'a koe lotokovi. Tau hoha'a'ia he lau 'ene taliui ki he kakai, pea kole atu e kakai ke fai e sipoti pea fisi'ia ia . Ka koe langa koaa e fu'u mala'e tapulu tahi koena ke ha? koe ngaahi fale'i pe ia 'a veni, osi mo nisi. Siana fonu he loi pala moe fie pule fakatikitato. Koe temokalati fakavao pea tui kotoa ki ai 'ene kau kapineti 'ikai toe fakakaukau.
    'Alu koe Pita 'o fai ha'o ngaue 'aonga he koe siana ta'etoka'i moe fie ma'umafai kuo totu'a.
    Fai mo uki ha laka fakahaha 'ae kau sipoti moe kau poupou sipoti ke tala kihe siana ko ena 'oku 'ikai ko hano fonua eni ke fieme'a pehe ai.

  • Sione F
    Sione F Thursday, 08 June 2017 16:04 Comment Link

    Mole ho taimi 'ou Pita, pea ke hela koe hono promote o Tonga. Oku ikai mahuinga'ia a e PM ia moe puleanga ko eni ihe sipoti.


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