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Tonga Govt says decision on Pacific Games 'final' Featured

Tonga PM 'Akilisi Pohiva Tonga PM 'Akilisi Pohiva

7 June, 2017. The Pacific Games Council President, Vidhya Lakhan, and its chief executive, Andrew Minogue, have been told during a meeting in Nuku'alofa that Tonga will definitely not host the 2019 Games.

 The duo met with the prime minister, 'Akilisi Pohiva, and two of his ministers on Monday to be told the controversial decision announced last month was final.

Mr Pohiva told them his government wanted to focus its resources on more important areas of economic development and that sport was not an urgent priority for them.

Tongan prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva meets with the Pacific Games Council in 2015.Tongan prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva meets with the Pacific Games Council in 2015. Photo: Supplied/Pacific Games Council

This comes despite indications that Tonga was able to meet the costs while the Council had indicated it was ready and able to help out.

The Games Council raised concerns about not being consulted beforehand and the government's unwillingness to negotiate a solution.

They also reminded Mr Pohiva that his government was party to a legally binding contract and that in unilaterally withdrawing from hosting the Games, the Council would consider legal action to seek damages.

The Games executive had already indicated it would select an alternative host nation quickly if the matters with the Tongan government were not fully resolved by 30th June.



  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson Monday, 12 June 2017 09:02 Comment Link

    Yes, he is anti-everything and wants people to believe everything he says. Talk about people who jump from nothing to wanting everything, pm is a living example. It is no surprise that he is behaving that way because he was a nothing and he had nothing.

  • Aisea Matiu
    Aisea Matiu Thursday, 08 June 2017 22:50 Comment Link

    You're absolutely right Mokofisi. 'Akilisi the man has always been anti-everything, not for the sake of independently evaluating things on their own ways but for the sake of being anti, pure and simple, as if that is a show of what a man he is, politically speaking.

    The same goes for 'Akilisi now the pm and leader of government and of Tonga. This rings true of the saying that says: "Old habits die hard." He does not listen to people other than his own big self-contradictory ego. He pretends to know everything but he does not know thing, as in his trying to steer the education of the country, which has now been dumped on another fellow minister for his total failure and being ignorant by being arrogant to move things forward.

    He is now anti-sport, exclusively the South Pacific Games 2019 and international rugby tests, except what he thinks to be his own park and golf course at Popua (he's now intentionally but arrogantly and ignorantly destroyed as an invaluable yet irreplaceable and truly worthwhile archaeological and heritage site), which he has been overly obsessed with (as a type of te'ia and 'avanga) like a child childishly playing with his/her play toys.

    He has been anti-royal to the point that he could not help it but by irrationally and unthinkingly becoming anti-culture, anti-language, anti-art, anti-tauhiva, anti-fatongia and anti-religion, thereby condemning such cultural and artistic practices as the national anthem, chiefly languages, wearing of ta'ovala, poetical and oratorical salutations.

    Yet, he has gone on now as a pm and leader to freely embrace many if not all these things as if nothing has happened, as in accepting the chiefly languages applied to him and wearing ta'ovala and many others. He is surely a man of and he thrives on contradictions. That is his "eat," like the faikava talk!

  • Sione A Mokofisi
    Sione A Mokofisi Thursday, 08 June 2017 04:44 Comment Link

    He is not capable of building anything valuable for the country as a whole. His mentality is to be destructive to build himself up as the Great Savior. But his warped bush-mentality of what democracy is about has all been deceit, and to deceive the people.

  • Ngaue Ofa
    Ngaue Ofa Thursday, 08 June 2017 02:01 Comment Link

    Tuku a e sipoti ia e 'inasi ai 'a Tonga kotoa kae ngaahi pe paaka ia ke kai pe 'e Lavu moe Palemia.


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