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Australian Sports Commission in association with Kau Mai Tonga Short Film

Dr. Helu (Siosaia Langitoto) during his interview with Screencraft at Tonga International Academy Dr. Helu (Siosaia Langitoto) during his interview with Screencraft at Tonga International Academy

March 6, 2015

An Australian production company, Screencraft, has been engaged by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to highlight some of the great work of ASC’s programs and partners in the Pacific, including the Kau Mai Tonga (KMT) campaign in Tonga. They are in Tonga to produce a short film of the Kau Mai Tonga campaign.

One of the key messages of the Kau Mai Tonga short film will be around the research that went into each of the 3 phases of the Netipolo campaign, 2012, 2013 and 2014, and how this helped shape the design of the program. Dr. Helu (Sosaia Langitoto Helu), Dean of Tonga International Academy (TIA), was interviewed  on Thursday, March 5, at the TIA’s premise for this short film since Dr. Helu and students from TIA conducted the fieldwork for the 2013 survey.The interview focused on building the demand, and the KMT campaign, how it came about as a process, what the research revealed, why an observational research was chosen as a tool for evaluation of such a campaign and how it informed the campaign.

In 2014, the ASC and its working partners in Tonga, The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and the Ministry of Health (MOH), hired Dr. Helu and his research team from TIA to conduct the complete survey, fieldwork, analyses and report writing for KMT phase 3.

Dr. Helu has been invited to present a portion of the findings of this research at a stakeholder forum that will be held on March 11, 2pm, at Tungi Colonade, which is Wednesday of next week. For interested stakeholders, you may want to contact Ms. Netina Latu of MIA to confirm the time.

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