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There is a most beautiful but warrior-like Tongan proverbial saying that goes, 'Oua 'e lau kafo ka e lau lava (Mind not injury but rather mind duty). Isn't that part of our so-called pre-match Sipitau performance, whereby the bodies, minds and souls of our dear beloved players are transformed from a feeling of injury to a heart of duty!

Can it be combined with another equally most beautiful (Tonga College-led motto) yet war-like Tongan proverbial saying that says, Mate ma'a Tonga (Die for Tonga), not so much physical but rather spiritual death, symbolic of giving one's all for Tonga, both in life and in death?

There is therefore an SOS call for the so-called tripartite relations of rugby, i.e., players, coaches and administrators, representing the whole of Tonga and her people, to be put in their just and proper places, so that we can all overcome..GO HARD AND HEAD-ON TONGA WE CAN ALL DO IT TOGETHER!