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Help sent for people traumatised by Kiribati ferry disaster Featured

Some of the seven survivors shortly after being rescued Some of the seven survivors shortly after being rescued

3 February, 2018. Counsellors will head to Nonouti island in Kiribati in the coming week to help those traumatised by the recent ferry disaster.

An aerial search for the catamaran has been called off and least 80 people remain missing, many of them children.

Kiribati is said to be traumatised by the event and UNICEF and the World Health Organisation say they're working to support the government in the emergency medical response.

They're providing medical supplies and training and the WHO is deploying extra emergency staff.

UNICEF says its working to support schools, families and communities to deal with the tragedy and get back to a normal routine.

Twenty-three children were on board the Butiraoi, many heading to start the school term in the capital.

Only seven survivors have been found so far.

The international agencies say they'll continue their support as long as it's needed.


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  • Fihaki
    Fihaki Sunday, 04 February 2018 09:58 Comment Link

    Sii ofeina e fonua koeni, he koe faahinga ongo netau fou ai. Ofa atu kihe famili oku hokotonu kiai e faingataa moe fonua foki.


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