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Tonga ready for election, says acting attorney general Featured

'Aminisasi Kefu Acting Attorney General 'Aminisasi Kefu Acting Attorney General

29 August, 2017. Tonga's attorney general says the country is ready for an election, despite the polls coming a year early.

Tongans will head to the polls in November after the King's sudden decision to dissolve parliament, which is being seen as an effective vote of no confidence in the government of the Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva.

'Aminiasi Kefu said the country had the resources to arrange an election at short notice, and the sudden nature of this year's election should prove no impediment.

"I don't suspect there would be a lot of difficulty," he said.

"It's just a matter of appointing electoral officers and obviously the electoral commission is already on top of this and working to prepare for it.

"The question now is whether the candidates are willing to stand up to run for the election."

An election will have to be held before November 16.

Mr Kefu said the country is ticking along as normal, despite last week's decision.

He said the prime minister and cabinet remained in a caretaker mode, and the public service would continue to function as normal.

However, he said the situation is testing.

"Oh it's groundbreaking, definitely, quite profound for a sleepy small island country but there's never a dull moment in Tonga and I'm just glad that the machinery of government continues.

"This is obviously a testing of the constitutional provision, this is the first time that his majesty has used his personal prerogative power to dissolve parliament."

He said the King's decision is final, and the constitution provided no right of appeal should Mr Pohiva feel aggrieved.

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  • Fihaki
    Fihaki Wednesday, 30 August 2017 08:20 Comment Link

    Oku kau eni ha faahinga fokotuu oku fakalele loto ki sii kau ngaue Faka Puleanga oku fie Kanititeiti pehe foki ki sii kainga Tonga oku nau fie omi o Kanititeiti, aki e uhinga kenau fakafisi ki mua i he mahina e 3 pea fai e fili, pea moe foki ki honau vahenga o nofo kiai he mahina e 3 pea toki fai e fili e. Pea fakamanatu atu ka Akosita kuo tapu e fakamole lahi naa toe hopo. Fakamanatu atu kihe kau Kanititeiti oku kei iai hanau moua ihr Fakamaau'anga ke totongi leva ia he kuo Pule'anga ena kuo ready mai ia e!


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