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Tonga Leitis Association pushes for reform in current laws Featured

A group of Tongan leitis A group of Tongan leitis

10 August, 2017. The president of the Tonga Leitis' Association wants the criminal offences act of 1988 to be looked at, to avoid it being used against the LGBT community.

Henry Aho and his team will be visiting the East and West districts of Tongatapu this month to propose the changes.

Mr Aho said there were two clauses from the act that the association are wanting to have amended or revised.

"Section 81 deals with cross dressing for moral purposes. There's an element of solicitation there, but the wording is quite vague and we don't want people to use it as a weapon against LGBT people just because a man is dressed as a woman in a public place and things like that.

Section 136 probably has more to do with the homosexual side of things and this is the law on sodomy, so we've got revised wording for that."


  • Falakesi
    Falakesi Monday, 14 August 2017 18:05 Comment Link

    Ko e mamahi'i 'a e kau fakalady 'oku tatau tofu pe ia mo e mamahi'ia ha toe taha 'i hano fakamamahi'i, pea 'e ala tatau pe kiai 'a e LAO HIA.
    Kapau 'oku nau fie fefine, 'e toe lava pe 'o faka'ilo hono fakamahi'i kinautolu 'i he LAO 'o e fakamamahi 'i 'api hhhhh
    Pea kapau 'oku 'ikai accept 'e he matu'a totonu e fakalady 'a 'enau fanau 'o kamata pe hono fepakaki kinautolu 'i 'api, pea 'e malu'i kinautolu e he Family Protection Law.
    Koia ai kuo tau ma'opo'opo pe Henry, ko ho'o mou toe feinga koaa ki he ha?

  • Nuanga
    Nuanga Monday, 14 August 2017 08:22 Comment Link

    Ne iai emau Leiti i Fasi moe Afi koe taha eni ene lea manakoa "When I am with a he I am a She, when I am with a she I am a He" What are you when you are with she/he?

  • Henry  Aho
    Henry Aho Sunday, 13 August 2017 10:10 Comment Link

    The fact that you believe there will be adverse effects of this campaign stems from the underlying sense of hatred fear stemmed from misunderstanding and ignorance against LGBT people. The revisions to the legislation are aligned with legal interpretations used by the court systems today. If the law is not being used against leitis then why are they still in place? This is a proactive movement to ensure that ultra right wing conservatives do not use this against members of our community in the future. Come to the consultations, hear our stories and why we are doing this. Hear about the fact that even though leitis are flamboyant in public they are still ridiculed and beaten up in their homes growing up for wanting to be themselves. You will also learn about the proposals we are putting forward and find it does not at the very least pose a threat to anyone, but will improve the laws of this kingdom.

  • Liueli Fonua
    Liueli Fonua Saturday, 12 August 2017 21:29 Comment Link

    Ko e kamata ena enau mangamanga mai ke fakatonutonu e u lao, pea ka tali enau mea koeni koe fakatonutonu hoko pe ke faka'ataa aa enau mali siana moe siana.
    Ngali mooni e ongo tama Henry, lolotonga moluu pe taimi ni naa mou force hoo mou totonu pea tolo pelepela'i kimoutolu he vave taha

  • Henry  Aho
    Henry Aho Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:16 Comment Link

    Mark, you're welcome to come to our district consultations and learn more about the work we do and why this is important to the Tonga Leitis Association. . Next one will be at Vakaloa Resort on 22nd August 2017 from 9am. By the way, who is Pita?

    OTHER PERSON Saturday, 12 August 2017 11:50 Comment Link

    I agree with the above comment by Mark Hanson. The FAKALEITIS are just as loved by the public in the current existing clauses. They are male dressingups. People just inderstand and let them be. Having to challenge the law, thst is when people will turn around hating the for real. What would they call SODOMY, as it it is a descriptive word used in the Bible for the practice they are doing!? A same sex union using the unnatural part of the body to achieve sexual satisfaction, for that is what sodomy means. Dressing up in public and and Sodomy are not at all vague words, it is clear and is straightforward and specific.
    With the existing law and legislation, though they may forbid the practice but it has never been enforced to discourage male dressing up as female in public places, people currently on the other hand find it a joy and entertainment to see them having the strengt to come it as they could imagine, such as their Galaxy Pageant. Had it ever been stopped by police in eforging the said clauses of the law!? Not at all for it is an entertainment purpose only that our people look at and say is an act and that is what FAKALEITI is really like as they might think. Fakaleitis are still sighted at the bars dressing up as females and had never been arrested due to this clause of the law as it is not enforced yet.

    Now they are touching a very sensitive part that would turn the Tongan public to hate them and to regard them as threats to the current norms of what accepted by the majority as appropriate and right.

    Henry and FAKALEITIS should bear always in mind, that they are a minority group and to chaalnge the law as to push in their agendas against society's norms, same time they shall be sighted as the enemy to the majority.

  • Mark Hanson
    Mark Hanson Thursday, 10 August 2017 17:54 Comment Link

    What more do Henry and these people want? The photo on this article says it all - they're dressing up however they want. Was any of them harassed for dressing up ad women? Did anyone oppose or cause trouble before, during or after the Galaxy carnival? the answer is NO. the sodomy bit is a biblical issue and should not be touched!!! Me'a eni 'oku ui koe nofo he nonga kae holi vaka pe koe mohe mohe 'a kuli fafangu. Lolotonga 'oku 'ikai tokanga atu ha taha ki he'enau me'a 'oku fai, kuo nau tu'u hake ke fakamalohi'i e fonua ke liliu e lao. Kataki atu Pita 'o fai ha'o ngaue 'oku 'aonga kae tuku ho'o alasi e me'a 'e toki fehi'anekina'i ai kimoutolu. Tuku hono toho mai e me'a muli 'o takihala'i'aki si'i kau leiti munoa 'o Tonga ni. Ngali 'oku 'iai ha fu'u fund papela 'oku 'asi mei mu'a 'oku 'uhinga ai e fo'i ngaue ta'emita mo tu'umaumau ko eni 'a Pita. 'Osi atu a Soui mo hono lohiaki'i e kau leiti, pea pahia he takai a mamani moe tanaki e ngaahi funds, kae hoko hake a Pita.
    Mou 'ofa mai kau leiti, mou nonga pe moutolu he tu'unga 'oku mou 'iai he taimi ni he 'oku 'ofa'i pe moutolu ia 'ehe kakai pea poupou'i ho'omou ngaahi me'a 'oku fai Koe lohiaki'i ena moutolu 'e Pita kene tanaki e ngaahi funds pea folau takai holo 'I mamani he ngaahi fakataha ka mou kei nofo ta'epa'anga pe mo ta'efolau.


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