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PM accusations is unfounded says PSA Secretary Featured

PSA Secretary General Mele 'Amanaki PSA Secretary General Mele 'Amanaki

30 January, 2018. This week the prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva accused unnamed senior officials of being corrupt and said many were slowing the implementation of policy and causing the government to be dysfunctional.

The PSA's Mele 'Amanaki said the claims were general and unfounded.

"The accusation is very serious and very general also, but given the seriousness of the accusations it is unfounded and needs evidence to back up his comments."

She also said the government had provided nothing in writing to plan out the next few years and the same thing occurred during its last term.

Ms 'Amanaki said if Mr Pohiva provided clear leadership he could test his theory of an inefficient top layer of public servants.

"The prime minister has always had a view that the public servants' performance is bad or underperforming but I believe that if he has some plans to improve the public service and come and implement that, then we can see that there is a reason for his complaint."

Mele 'Amanaki said Mr Pohiva had cast a shadow over the entire service with his comments and he needed to be more specific.



  • Puamau Leone
    Puamau Leone Wednesday, 07 February 2018 21:37 Comment Link

    Ikai keu sio kiha aonga e taha hoo toe lea hake he naake kau hono fa’ufa’u e kovi kehekehe fakataha moe Palemia koeni. Hanga ange o fakasio pe koeha ha lelei oku ma’u ehe fonua hoo foi tohi ni? Hala’ataaa! Oku ke kau pe moe koe hono veteki hotau fonua.

  • Sione A Mokofisi
    Sione A Mokofisi Tuesday, 06 February 2018 03:53 Comment Link

    ABOUT TIME MELE 'AMANAKI DEFENDS COMPETENT CIVIL SERVANTS AGAINST AN INCOMPETENT LEADER...PM's only good at the blaming game. No Vision, no Mission but expects different results. 30 years of playing the blame-game has dried up his empty basket of lies.


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