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Tongan candidate calls for freedom of information legislation Featured

Tevita Motulalo, Candidate for Tongatapu 4 Electorate Tevita Motulalo, Candidate for Tongatapu 4 Electorate

9 November, 2017. A candidate in next week's Tonga elections wants what he calls 'right to information' legislation put in place to bring greater transparency to government.

Tevita Motulalo said previous governments had talked about such measures, where people could request information deemed for the public good, but none had implemented it in the house.

Mr Motulalo said it would help bring good governance into Tongan politics, which he said was currently divisive in nature.

He said at the moment information was scarce or came via leaks and rumours.

"There is information flowing to the public but it is very filtered, [has] gone thrown the partisan filters. It doesn't help, especially now when there has been tonnes and tonnes of information getting out there through channels that are not necessarily for the public's interest but in terms of political objectives for certain individuals or parties."



  • Vaka
    Vaka Tuesday, 14 November 2017 18:12 Comment Link

    Pe koeha e faahinga policy ia nae fakalele aki e Puleanga oe Kakai koe fielau siono veteki.

  • fieilo
    fieilo Sunday, 12 November 2017 08:02 Comment Link

    Na'e 'osi tali eni he Pule'anga o Tu'ivakano, pea na'e launch he hall QSM, pea tokolahi kau fkafe mei muli 'o amanaki 'e hokohoko mai ai pe. Ko Paula Ma'u 'e ma'u mei ai e mo'oni kihe FOI he koia na'e CEO he Va'a Communications & Information he taimi koia. Kou manatu'i na'e 'osi takitaha fili 'ehe ngaahi Potungaue 'ae Pule'anga 'ae tautau toko 2 mei he Potungaue kenau talitali ha ni'ihi tenau fiema'u ha information mei he ngaahi Potungaue 'ae Pule'anga. Kaikehe koe taluu pe koia, pea toe tamate'i hifo ai pee 'ehe Pule'anga 'o tau TA'E FOI mai ai pe 'o a'u mai kihe Pule'anga 'oe 'ahoni. Koe policy foki ia 'oe Pule'anga 'oe 'ahoni, koe NO NO FOI, pea tapu fehu'i mamafa, kae hikihiki'i pe me'a lelei 'ae Pule'anga ko 'eni na'a FIRE taha hange koia ne fou mai ai 'a Nanise, Viola & Laumanu. Toki ki'i Pule'anga ma'ulalo tahaa 'eni, talu e tu'u 'ae fonua ni.


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