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The only work they have started, which they are now going to finish according to 'aki, are: (i) the destruction of Tonga's social system i.e. getting rid of the King, nobles and the chiefly system. That's why 'aki made himself Minister of Defence so that he could copy what Bainimarama did in Fiji; (ii) changing the land tenure system so that they take total control of the land and sell them to the Chinese and their other friends, leaving the people landless, homeless and in extreme poverty; (iii) putting their own people in key government positionsns e.g. tu'i uata; (iv) diverting more millions to the pathetic Tukutonga Park and golf course: (v) getting rid of all good-minded people and replacing them with idiots, puppets and ptoa sympathisers.
The sad thing is, not many people are able to see him through this lens. People of Tonga, please wake up before it's too late.