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There you are 'Akilisi and your dodgy government, specifically in view of the scientifically-led expert opinion of Popua landfill as having dangerous health risks for the people of Tonga, obviously carved in black and white, without any grey areas in between?

What the hell is really going on here? Where the hell are the principles of good governance, viz., transparency, accountability, equality and justice you 'Akilisi and your so-called but unofficial Temo Party somehow obsessively but excessively made out to be what and who you and your Temo Party really are, which is now clearly not what and who you really are.

Is not the inability of both you 'Akilisi and your Temo Party for bridging the preaching of good governance, on the one hand, as opposed to doing the very opposite, on the other, a sign of a sick, unhealthy mind, which is truly unworthy of being a leader of a country. Many such sick, unhealthy minds as Hitler have gone down in history as true dictators!

Given the dangerous level of toxicity associated with Popua landfill, why the hell developing it a public part and golf course, when the limited resources from there could have easily gone into upgrading Teufaiva Stadium for the one-off Tonga-Welsh test rugby match now ashamedly shifted to Auckland, not to mention the possibility of proudly hosting Super Rugby matches, also successfully hosted by both Fiji and Samoa. All we need to do is sitting and counting our many blessings!