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Kava good for mental health: Dr. Sione Vaka Featured

Dr. Sione Vaka of Massey University Dr. Sione Vaka of Massey University

25 April, 2017. A Tongan academic is urging more people to consider kava drinking as a valid means to fight mental illness and stress.

Massey University lecturer in nursing, Sione Vaka, said his research had found found kava had a positive impact among some people with mental health issues. His studies were based on previous doctorate research focusing on Tongan men.

He said while kava drinking was common in many social and formal Pacific cultures and traditions, the crop contained relaxant properties and the setting provides a forum for people to reconnect with others around the kava circle and share their views on life.

Dr Vaka said the busy lifestyle of a country like New Zealand was in sharp contrast to the slow pace of life in the islands.

"I think kava should be taken by anyone because it has a very calming effect. In this day and age, people are rushing and there are lots of stressful events and things, and kava gives you that calming effect for you to have a bit of a stop, have a think and reflect on your day."

Dr Sione Vaka has received a grant to do more research in this area and presented some of his findings at a kava conference.


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