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And what is his definition of 'corrupt'? What a pathetic cry-baby!! This is a free country and people have the freedom to choose who to like and who not to like. His ngutulau and fakamaaulau nature is popping up again, always suspicious and hu'uhu'u, but of course it takes one to know one. And what are his good policies? giving government funds to his family and friends without going through proper procurement procedures? I'm talking about Piveni and his son Siaosi, crooks like t.uata and lavu who are in control of the nation's economy. Or the good policy about tukufakatafa'aki e lao kae fai hono loto? He is such a forgetful clown. Deaf too! 'cos he can't hear what he's saying. Does he really think good people will listen to him? or support his insane and unlawful directions like giving hundreds of thousands of $$ to veni for a software that never materialised? Government officials who do not support him and his so called plans and policies are those who can see the bottomless pit that he is leading the country to. The only people who cannot see his evil plans are the likes of tilila, masima, 'oni and the dumb half-schooled idiots who keep on singing his praises without even knowing what is going on..
Koe fa'ahinga na'e tupu pakupaku te nau kei pakupaku ai pe, pea te nau kei loto kovi ai pe a'u ki he'enau mate kihe fa'ahinga na'e hela 'enau matu'a hono ngaue'i 'enau fo'i ma.