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APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT? A couple of Tongans trying to find a better life in NZ, and our PM apologizes to their PM? Our PM has no knowledge of how poor people think and feel. Our PM has been living high on the hog from Government for 30 years, accomplishing nothing. He burnt Nuku'alofa with his Useful Idiots in 2006. He should have apologized for being stupid to say what he said.
NZ has had runaways and overstayers for years. Ever wonder why nobody from NZ comes and runs away in Tonga? Because there's nothing here for them to better their lives. A certain number of our fruit pickers will run away. Count on it, and don't apologize when they do. They are sick and tired of people like the PM who wants to control their lives to keep them living in poverty like the 25,000 Tongans living under the poverty level today.