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It is indeed lovely and truly mind-satisfying and heart-warming to see, hear and know the great support rendered to Tongan mother tongue by our very own beloved and caring Tongan bilingual Tongan-English speaking MP Jenny Salesa.

But, more importantly, may I also add that, as "they also to say" (i.e., experts in the field), all three, viz., knowledge (and skills), culture and language are one and the same and neither is separate from one another.

Quite simply, it means we must learn to know Tongan knowledge contained in Tongan culture and spoken in Tongan language and not just Tongan knowledge on its own nor Tongan culture on its own nor Tongan language on its own.

On that basic understanding, then, should "Tongan Language Week" be changed to "Tongan Knowledge, Culture and Language Week?" The latter is much fuller, richer and meaningful than the former which is misleading and making no real sense.