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Climate Change starts its awareness program yesterday with tree planting Featured


21 September, 2017. Department of Climate Change starts its awareness program yesterday with tree planting in three schools including Lavengamalie College, Liahona High School and Ocean of Light.

Ms Lu’isa Tu’i’afitu, the Director of Climate Change and Department of Climate Change and staff from Department of Forestry attended this tree planting. Traditional, medicinal, commercial and fruit seedlings were provided to these schools.

Mrs. Lesieli Saafi, the Deputy Director of Administration at Lavengamalie College expressed her sincere gratitude to Department of Climate Change for providing seedlings and also to Mr Huufi Filiai for advising teachers and students on how to plant and take care of the trees.

Ms Mele Funaki a senior officer from Liahona High gratefully acknowledged the continued provision of seedlings from the Department of Climate Change to Liahona High School.

Ms Nadia Fifita, the Principal of the Ocean of Light expressed her sincere thanks to Department of Climate Change for providing the seedlings. She also emphasized to students the importance of trees to their school and communities. She added by saying, “We indeed support planting of fruit trees for they provide shade and they are good source of food and nutrition for both current and future students of the school”.

Teachers and students were also interviewed on the importance of this program to the school and how this tree planting activity relates to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

A team from the Department of Climate Change will be responsible for monitoring of this activity on monthly basis.

Department of Climate Change fully acknowledge the support from the Ridge to Reef Project at the Department of Environment in providing seedlings for today’s program.


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